13 Exclusive Discounts For Seniors 


There are so many special and exclusive discounts that are only available to seniors all across the country. Seniors qualify for discounts at most major retailers, financial institutions, restaurants, Home Services Companies and the list goes on and on... However, you will not always get these discounts unless YOU ASK for them!


When discussing how our tips have helped other senior citizens, we were thrilled to hear feedback that many seniors saved as much as $10,000 within a year by using these online discounts and little-known programs.

We have curated this exclusive list of discounts that seniors can take advantage of. So, take Five minutes to read this article and test all of these savings-tactics out for yourself (each just takes 1-2 minutes) and we promise that you’ll see great results too!


Act fast, and save more!

1. Health Insurance & Medicare Savings

Medicare .jpg

Health insurance is available to more Americans than ever before. Subsidized options are easily accessible to low-income individuals and families alike. In the past, many people took the risk of not being insured, but with so many more options available to Seniors than ever before, if you are 65 or older, now is the time to see how much you can save. Click here to find the Right Medicare Insurance Plan for Anyone over 65! If you are UNDER 65 though,  Click here to see how you save as well. 

Many of us have had the same Health Insurance or Medicare for a long time, and just assume the prices "are what are." Recently however, new companies have surfaced who may be able to help you save $300+ per month on your existing insurance plan! Whether you have little or high income, you could greatly reduce your health insurance by comparing offers and rates from these providers, and find the best plan for you and your family. 


Save more on Medicare with Medigap/Medicare Supplement Insurance:


Medigap insurance provides additional coverage for many of the co-pays and some of the co-insurance related to Medicare-covered hospital, skilled nursing facility, home health care, ambulance, durable medical equipment, and doctor charges – Click here to see if you qualify!

2. Get A Home Security System with $850 of Free Equipment*

home security.jpg

Did you know that the chances of a Home Break-In is 300% more likely if you do NOT have a home security system installed.*


That was a scary statistic to learn!


Home Security Systems are the easiest way to protect your home while you are there, and while you are away too. We have partnered with a few Home Security Dealers in America, to find you the best deals on a new Home Security System. Click below to see our #1 pick!


You can now get a $850 Off Your Home Monitored Security System*, plus extra cameras and remotes from them and their authorized resellers. You just pay $99 installation and the monthly monitoring service moving forward. This is a great upfront savings, plus additional savings of hundreds more for the equipment that we can get you for FREE!

This will not last forever so get a Free quote now and Protect your Home forever. Aside from your exclusive savings, having a home security system may also help lower your homeowners insurance, providing even more additional savings. Grab this amazing deal today and better protect your home!



*With $99 installation and purchase of 36 or 24 mo. Monitoring contract. New homeowners only. Termination fees apply. 

3. Stay Safe with a Medical Alert System!

Medical Alert Systems have come a long way in the past several years. They are smaller, more concealable, and more reliable than ever before! You and your loved ones deserve the best and fastest emergency help in the event of a fall, stroke, injury or heart attack. There are hundreds of options these days for seniors to choose from, and each person has different needs for a medical alert system, so how do you figure out which one is best for you or your loved ones?


We’ve worked with an amazing company called eMedicalAlert to research, review and rank the best medical alert systems in the market to provide your family with the ultimate protection and peace of mind. Our expert staff compared the most important factors seniors and their families consider in a medical alert system and highlighted the pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses, of each medical alert company.

If you sign up here - we can get you a free consultation to match you with the best medical alert system based on your price limits and needs. Most of these companies offer a FREE 30-day trial plus FREE installation as well by certified professionals. 

We have deals starting at $19.95 per month right now but that will not last forever so sign up now to save money and protect yourself or loved ones with Medical Alert Systems!

4. Protect Your Identity with LifeLock Today!

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 4.23.47 PM.png

So many seniors are getting their identities stolen these days from hackers online! One simple mistake or trusting the wrong website with your credit card information can cost you thousands of dollars! If you are not proactively protecting yourself from this cyber-crime, then you will never know when it might happen to you...


Luckily, companies like Lifelock can protect your from any type of fraudulent activity or identity theft for as little as $9.99 per month! Lifelock monitors and protects your bank accounts, credit cards, social security number and more so you NEVER have to worry about cyber-crime ever again! Try it now and get a 60-day money back guarantee. 


Sign up for Lifelock today and get Free Norton Anti-virus Protection for your computer too!

5. Give Yourself a Retirement Raise!

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 5.58.52 PM.png

If mounting bills, medical costs, and other expenses have been weighing you down, maybe it’s time to elevate your retirement with a reverse mortgage loan from AAG. Click here for our free info kit to learn more on how a reverse mortgage may help lighten your retirement load.

To qualify, you need to be 62 or older, own and live in your home. Because your reverse mortgage also pays off your current mortgage, you will only have property tax, homeowner’s insurance, and maintenance to pay for, which should greatly improve your monthly cash flow. Any remaining proceeds can be provided to you in a lump sum, in monthly installments, or as a growing line of credit that you can use if and when you need it. Loan repayment isn’t normally due until you leave the home. See if you qualify today. NMLS #9392

6. Never Pay For Costly Home Repairs

home repair.jpg

Many seniors simply don’t have enough cash lying around to pay for expensive home repairs. Your home insurance won’t cover your washing machine or AC breaking, but a Home Warranty Program could help you now, and in the future. What if your heater breaks when you need it the most in the dead of winter? Or the AC stops working in middle of Summer? Luckily you can Get a FREE quote on a policy from Choice Home Warranty Today!


Rather than tapping into your savings or pension, many homeowners are getting this new Home Warranty Program and they are saving thousands of dollars in the long run. You’ll never have to pay for covered AC, Electrical, Appliance or Roof repairs! If there’s something they can’t fix they will just replace it.

7. Save up to 70% On Life Insurance

life insurance.jpg

It is unfortunate, but with every year that you age, your insurance premiums can rise 8-10%. These costs can add up quickly, and many folks have a hard time qualifying for new policies once they reach a certain age... Source


Fortunately for you though, there is a way to get a very cheap life insurance, even at ages 50 and above! First, you will need to compare quotes from multiple insurance companies. This amazing website will let you do exactly that, and it is totally free! They will run down your information through their technology to automatically find the best life insurance policies available for a much lower price. You can save up to 70% by using this free tool online!


Most seniors can’t believe that the available rates are real, but the truth is, life insurance rates are at a 20-year low. Thanks to the programs we told you about, it’s now easy to qualify and you can get Life Insurance Policies Starting at Less than $1 per Day!



Also Protect your Family With Final Expense Insurance:


Final Expense (or Burial Insurance) is a policy that is used to pay for burial expenses and funeral services to ease the financial burden placed on your family in the event that you pass away. Unfortunately some life insurance policies do not help cover these costs, so to protect your family from paying $10,000+ dollars you’re your funeral one day, Compare plans as low as $10/month!

8. Car & Auto Discounts (Save $536+)


Did you know that depending on your age and driving record, you could get a huge discount on car insurance? Most seniors don’t even know these discounts exist. It isn't because they don’t want to, they simply don’t know where to look. Times have changed and the days of calling around to multiple companies to get their “cheapest rate” are over. New website tools like this one allow you to compare the best rates from the top car insurance companies, helping you get the cheapest car insurance available in real time.If you are interested in saving on Auto Insurance, then Click here to learn how to save thousands moving forward!

Seniors Should Also Get Auto Warranty Deals to Save on Repairs!

Many seniors are also unaware that Auto-Warranty Offers can help pay for repairs non-wear items and damages that occur to your vehicle. If you are not sure if you have a warranty on your car, click here to get our best Auto Warranty Deals Today!

9. Get a Discount on a Walk-In-Bathtub!

Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 3.41.04 PM.png

Walk in tubs are a perfect addition for seniors living with mobility challenges or anyone worried about fall related injuries. Statistics tell us that falls happen in your bathroom more than any other room in the home. 


In fact, two-thirds of all bathroom injuries happen near the shower or bathtub, according to the Center for Disease Control. Falls can occur when you're stepping over the tub, slipping on a wet floor or when leaning on a glass door that wasn't designed to support your weight.

It's incredible how a simple modification to your bathroom can change your life; keeping your independence and dignity, plus peace of mind for your loved ones, all add up to a better quality of life. Right now, walk-in tub manufacturers all over the country are offering discounts. Visit this website to get a free quote on walk-in tub and find out what discouts are available to you.

10. Owe More Than $10,000 in Credit Card Debt? Use This Brilliant Debt Payoff Plan

debt free.jpg

If you are like my family, there are certain times that we find ourselves in too much credit card debt. Most people just pay the minimum balances and assume that is their only option. This is what credit card companies don’t want you to find out…


If you owe more than $10,000 in credit card debt, this proven debt relief program for seniors can help reduce the amount of money you owe entirely! You can become debt free in just 24 – 48 months if you work with this program.

If you’ve been struggling to pay your credit card debt, or any other kind of debt as well, then click here to find out how you can become debt-free!

11. Get The Top Rated Portable Oxygen Machine Available for Seniors!

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 4.49.40 PM.png

The old days of dragging around a heavy oxygen machine are over for Seniors! New, smaller oxygen machines are making it easier to run quick errands in the car, take weekend trips, go see the grandchildren and much more! Our team spoke to several different brands in the oxygen machine industry and we found that Inogen was our #1 pick for portable Oxygen Machines


It is almost impossible for us to describe all of the amazing benefits that Inogen can offer our senior readers, but luckily they are now offering a FREE Information Kit delivered straight to your house. 

Click here to sign up Today and get your FREE Information Kit delivered to your home and learn how much easier Inogen can make your life every day!

12. Sell Your Timeshare and Save Thousands Each Year for BETTER Family Vacations

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 11.59.33 AM.pn

Timeshares have been around for a long time, but years ago, they took advantage of thousands of Americans by promising them an easy way to vacation with the family, and "make money" by renting the timeshare when you aren't using it. Some of my family members bought into timeshares back in the 80's and 90's, and they quickly regretted the decision, and started looking for ways to get rid of them...

If you are like my family, and sick of dealing with the hassles of timeshare ownership, then get a free consultation from groups that specialize in helping folks like us get rid of your timeshare once and for all. You can pocket the thousands you'll save, or spend it on better family vacations - you can finally go wherever you and the kids/grandkids want to go now! 

13. Get the Highest Guaranteed Return on Your Investments for Retirement!

One of easiest ways for Seniors to guarantee the growth of their money and investments in today's volatile market is through Annuities. What exactly is an Annuity? An annuity is simply an investment option that provides safe, tax-deferred growth of your retirement nest egg. over time. Annuities are low-risk, and can provide guaranteed, monthly income when you retire.


There are many types of annuities with varying features and benefits so the best way to discover the best plan for you personally, is to speak with a professional. Our Team spoke with a variety of providers and found that the best way to identify how much money you can make with an Annuity is to use a website like Annuities.com - This great company offers a FREE Annuity Comparison Report based on your situation and needs. 

This Free Service has helped thousands of our Senior Readers make more money at the point of retirement and beyond, so it isn't too late to keep saving more... See what an Annuity can do for you?

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